1. eliteskiers Message - Results from Abbotsford added to Elite Ranking
    Sent September 30th 2009

    The Results from the Abbotsford Pro Tour have been added to the Elite Ranking Please visit us at: ...

  2. eliteskiers Message - Cash Payout Change for Men Jump at Abbotsford
    Sent September 16th 2009

    I have been notified that the cash payout breakdown has been modified slightly. The total prize is unchanged at $12,000. The new payout breakdown is as follows: OPEN MEN JUMP $12,000 1st $4,250 2nd $2,750 ...

  3. eliteskiers Message - Diablo Shores Pro Am Results
    Sent September 14th 2009

    The Diablo Shores Pro Am Results have been added to the Elite Rankings. Please visit us at: ...

  4. eliteskiers Message - message from April Coble
    Sent August 18th 2009

    Hello everyone. Dana Reed has asked me to help him coordinate the 2010 pro tour which means doing everything from finding sites, organizing the event and raising prize money, to getting crowds to our events. I am asking for your help. If any of you hav...

  5. eliteskiers Message - Elite points added for World Championships
    Sent August 10th 2009

    Check out the updated Elite Lists on www.iwsfranking,com Please visit us at: ...

  6. eliteskiers Message - Changes to London Night Jump
    Sent August 3rd 2009

    Some changes have been posted to the details of the London Night Jump Tournament. The boat will now be Mastercraft 6.0L. There are other format changes as well. Check the details page for the tournament. Please visit us at: ...

  7. eliteskiers Message - Pro Tour Elite Tournament in Abbotsford, Canada
    Sent July 24th 2009

    Details have been released about rge Pro Tour Elite Tournament in Abbotsford, Canada. They can be seen on Please visit us at: ...

  8. eliteskiers Message - 2009 Alizee Cup
    Sent July 23rd 2009

    The results of the 2009 Alizee Cup have been added to the Elite Rankings. Please visit us at: ...

  9. eliteskiers Message - Malibu to sponsor Pro Tour in Abbotsford, Canada
    Sent July 19th 2009

    Read about this Pro Tour scheduled for Sept 18-19 Men Slalom and Jump Please visit us at: ...

  10. eliteskiers Message - Elite Tournament cancelled
    Sent July 7th 2009

    I have been informed that the Elite tournament at Tallington Lakes, England on Sep 4-5 has been canceled. I understand a possible replacement is being worked on. Bob Please visit us at: ...

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