1. eliteskiers Message - World Cup Registration deadline is Today, June 1
    Sent June 1st 2010

    The World Cup Registration deadline is Today, June 1. Do not miss it if you want a chance to ski in the World Cup. Bob Corson Please visit us at: ...

  2. eliteskiers Message - World Cup Registration deadline is June 1
    Sent May 30th 2010

    If you have not registered yet and think that you might want to try to qualify, the World Cup Registration deadline is June 1. The registration and information page is at Please visit us at: http://www.iwsf...

  3. eliteskiers Message - Organizer Announcement from Putrajaya
    Sent May 13th 2010

    PUTRAJAYA TAKES A REST AS WATERSKI WORLD CUP HOST - MALAYSIA NOW LOOK TOWARDS A WAKEBOARD WORLD CUP Malaysia's promoter for the Putrajaya Waterski World Cup announced today that Putrajaya City in Malaysia will take a break from hosting Malaysia's Waterski...

  4. eliteskiers Message - Global Invitational presented by Mastercraft
    Sent May 4th 2010

    I have been notified by the organizer that there will be a Women's slalom event at this tournament as well as Men jump and slalom. Details at: Please visit us at: http://www.iwsfrankin...

  5. eliteskiers Message - 2011 Elite Tournament proposed for Reunion Island
    Sent May 1st 2010

    Dominique Gasmi of Reunion Island has written to me to see if there would be interest in an Elite Tournament on Reunion Island. It is on the way from Paris to Moomba and would be held at that time. An introductory brochure is at http://www.iwsfranking....

  6. eliteskiers Message - Three Sisters Water Ski Club Tournament Announcement
    Sent May 1st 2010

    Pro Skiers Three Sisters Water Ski Club are pleased to announce that our Pro-Am Grand Prix 2010 now has Introductory Elite ranking status. We have agreed with Bob Corson that over the following 3 years we will develop our cash minimum purse from $5000 i...

  7. eliteskiers Message - Moomba has been added to the Elite Rankings
    Sent March 18th 2010

    Moomba has been added to the Elite Rankings Please visit us at: ...

  8. eliteskiers Message - message from Dana Reed
    Sent February 14th 2010

    To our skiing family: Some of you may know through message boards that our friend Kyle Eade sustained some extremely serious injuries during a practice set this week. He has some nerve and vertebrae injuries that have left some paralysis. Kyle is one of o...

  9. eliteskiers Message - message from Moomba Organizer
    Sent October 28th 2009

    From: Fran Hynes Sent: Tue, Oct 27, 2009 11:57 pm Subject: Re: Moomba 2010 Application Please just email me your particulars Name address etc as I forward all onto selectors events jump height and latest scores Credit card details Please visit us at:...

  10. eliteskiers Message - Elite List 2009
    Sent October 11th 2009

    In the description of the Elite List it says: 3. Skier Point totals We will use a set number of your tournament scores. After each tournament you go to, your points will be added in. The number of tournaments will be set for each event and be no more t...

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