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  1. eliteskiers Message - 2012 World Cup Registration is now available
    Sent January 8th 2012

    World Cup Registration for 2012 is now available. Go to http://www.iwsfranking.com/WSWC/skierlinks.htm to see all of the information and register. Bob Corson Please visit us at: http://www.iwsfranking.com ...

  2. eliteskiers Message - Elite Ranking List finalized for 2011
    Sent November 17th 2011

    The final tournament has been added and the correct number of tournaments set for 2011 so the Elite Rankings are now finalized for 2011. The rankings are displayed at http://www.iwsfranking.com Please visit us at: http://www.iwsfranking.com ...

  3. eliteskiers Message - Elite Ranking List Tournaments
    Sent August 10th 2011

    Note to Elite Skiers: Here is a summary of the remaining Elite Tournaments for the 2011 season: 2011-08-26 2011-08-28 Princes Pro-Am Princes Club 2011-09-03 2011-09-04 II Madrid Pro Jump Valdemorillo- Madrid - Spain 2011-09-09 2011-09-11 Diablo Shor...

  4. eliteskiers Message - World Cup 2011
    Sent May 19th 2011

    Registration for the 2011 World Cup is now available at http://www.iwsfranking.com/WSWC/skierlinks.htm Be sure to read the information letter at http://www.iwsfranking.com/WSWC/2011/SkierLetter11.htm We look forward to an exciting season. Bob Corson P...

  5. eliteskiers Message - Canal Sat-Elite Ski Pro Reunion cancelled
    Sent February 22nd 2011

    Received from the Organizers: We regret to inform you Canal Sat-Elite Ski Pro Reunion scheduled on March 19-20 2011 is cancelled due to problems with environmentalists willing to forbid waterskiing on our lake. We are working hard with the local autori...

  6. eliteskiers Message - Reunion Island Elite Tournament Information
    Sent January 27th 2011

    Information and an entry form for this tournament may be found at: http://www.iwsfranking.com/2011/reunion/Canal%20Sat%20Ski%20Pro%202011.pdf Please visit us at: http://www.iwsfranking.com ...

  7. eliteskiers Message - Elite Tournament Reunion Island
    Sent December 20th 2010

    Dominique Gasmi, the organizer of the Elite Tournament at Reunion has been working on special flight pricing for skiers going to his tournament and Moomba which is the week prior to the Reunion tournament. I have put the information on the Elite Web SIte ...

  8. eliteskiers Message - Diablo Shores Pro Am
    Sent August 2nd 2010

    The Diablo Shores Pro Am was not listed on the IWWF World Calendar. It is already on the separate Elite Calendar. The tournament is Sept. 17 - 19th. The organizers request that anyone who is entering please send in their entry as soon as possible. It w...

  9. eliteskiers Message - 2010 Skiers Pier King of Darkness Night Jump
    Sent June 30th 2010

    A message to all Elite skiers: While this tournament would seem to qualify for Elite points, the tournament has not provided any information or submitted a sanction form and therefore is not eligible for Elite points. I have sent email to the organizers ...

  10. eliteskiers Message - Princes is an Elite tournament
    Sent June 21st 2010

    I have noted that the Elite Sanction information for this tournament is missing. This was due to the hack attack on iwsf.com. It is on the iwsf calendar and I will try to get the sanction information back in place. Sorry for the inconvienence. Bob Cor...

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