Date: February 22nd 2011

Received from the Organizers:

We regret to inform you Canal Sat-Elite Ski Pro Reunion scheduled on March 19-20 2011 is cancelled due to problems with environmentalists willing to forbid waterskiing on our lake.

We are working hard with the local autorities to get our legal authorizations renewed .It's the first time we have been confronted to such problems and we fear they might demonstrate during the competition prevent our tournament from taking place.I would resent having to cancel last minute that's why we have made this decision, not to run any risks.
We are deeply sorry for it and we do hope you will understand us.

But we trust in our future and expect a positive solution to be found in a near future . So once our authorizations settled we really would like to have an Elite tournament here, for example ... next march 2012 after Moomba ?

Kindest regards
Dominique GASMI

Please visit us at:

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