Date: August 18th 2009

Hello everyone. Dana Reed has asked me to help him coordinate the 2010 pro tour which means doing everything from finding sites, organizing the event and raising prize money, to getting crowds to our events. I am asking for your help. If any of you have contacts who 1. would be interested in sponsoring events, 2. would be interested in hosting events, or 3. know people in the marketing world, I need for you to work with me. Dana cannot do this alone any longer. We need your help if you all want there to be a pro tour next year.

That being said, we need to really support the last 2 pro events this year, which are Diablo Shores in CA Sept. 11-13 and Abbotsford the following weekend Sept 18-19. Karina has been very instrumental in giving me valuable contacts and because of this, we are able to add women slalom to the event in Abbotsford.

Problem: We only have 4 women and 14 men entered in Diablo.
We only have 10 entries for men to Abbotsford. Men Jumpers?

Part of the organization of next year's tour will allow us to do all of our entries on line using credit card. There will be a cut off deadline and $100 late fee per event if not entered by that time. This is only to help the organizers get ready. We will be adding back to the tour kick off parties (meet the skiers parties) at local restaurants to increase attendance and will need your help in doing that.

I need for anyone interested in going to either tour stop to email me ASAP so I can add names to the list. We have to have a minimum number of skiers for these events to take place. The entry fee is $300 per stop and can be sent to Greg Badal for Diablo or to Dana Reed for Abbotsford. See for details or for Abbotsford.

The official website for our tour for next year will be THEPROSKITOUR.COM and is already being updated daily by Tommy Harrington. He does an awesome job!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

April Coble Eller

Please visit us at:

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