Date: November 10th 2009

Dear Elite Organizers/IWSF Federations,
I am sending out a brief summary of the Elite Tournament Registration process. With this process, we will be able to have more information available sooner and therefore make the process smoother.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Bob Corson

Elite Program 2010

1. Tournament request/dates
Proposed Elite tournaments will be put on a Google Calendar. The deadline for tournament submission is January 15. If there is still a date conflict at this point we will try to negotiate a solution. Tournaments applying after January 15 cannot use an existing scheduled date unless it is deemed not to be a conflict.
Proposed dates are shown on this google calendar:
Tournaments that have submitted their 2010 Elite Sanction form are shown here:
(These links are also available on
in the left column)

2. Requirements for listing an Elite Tournament
a. Cash Prize minimum of $12,000 USD for a men’s event
b. Cash Prize minimum of $9,000 USD for a women’s event
c. Prize breakdown must be shown for each event. Here is a recommended schedule:
d. Entry fee must be listed
e. The above information will be submitted on the Elite Tournament Request Form.
f. Results must be sent on the Elite Results Form at the conclusion of the tournament. Here is the official form:
g. An Introductory Elite tournament may be established at a lower prize amount. this is described in the Elite Rules description:

3. Elite points are based on the cash prize. The points will be set 30 days before the tournament. After that, if the cash prize is increased, it will not affect the points.

4. The IWSF has a goal that for Elite Tournaments, there should be one invited judge from a different IWSF Confederation than the one in which the tournament is held. A list of qualified judges will be supplied. An available judge may be invited on the same basis as local judges so that there is no additional cost beyond what is normally supplied.

Yours truly,

Bob Corson

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