Introducing our new official commission!!


We, the athletes, are embarking on a new journey into the governance of our sport. Due in part to the International Olympic Committee, we are beginning to take some very important steps into our future. The inaugural IWSF Athletes Commission was set up by President Andres Botero at the 50th Anniversary of the IWSF in Geneva in September 1996 . This Commission is our official international unified voice in helping direct our sport.

The purpose of the IWSF AC is manyfold. First, to broaden communication within the IWSF family. Second, to advocate the interests of the athletes in all areas of IWSF influence and governance and third, to foster increased active participation by athletes within the structured IWSF family.

The first AC representatives were appointed by their respective World Councils. In the future, you will elect your AC representatives. The inaugural AC consists of:

Each discipline holding a world championship is entitled to a representative on the AC (Tournament Council has 3 representatives).

One representative will be present at the respective IWSF World Council meetings, and the chair attends the IWSF Board of Directors meeting. This means we have input into the governing of our sport!

We have respectfully asked your Federation to copy this newsletter and send it to you and your world (and potential) team members. This newsletter will come out 3-4 times per year. We are also posting this information on the official IWSF Web Page ( so please look there for additional information.

We are very excited about this opportunity to have an official international unified voice. To reach all of you with information and providing you an avenue to be heard is both a big opportunity and responsibility. We need your help - contact your representative with questions, concerns and ideas, or please feel free to contact me at the address below. See you on the water!


Helena Kjellander



c/o 13144 Shore Drive

Winter Garden, FL 34787, USA

PH + Fax: (407) 656-8301



Firstly, to introduce myself as the rep for the disabled on the Athletes Commission, my name is Chris Mairs and many of you know me as a visually impaired (VHB23) member of the British team (I've competed in almost all European and World Championships since 1987). My contact details are fax/telephone: 01225 868845, email:

Looking forward to 97, the big event for the year is obviously the Worlds in Florida in August, although here in Europe we also have another major competition in July - the European Championships in Denmark with probably around a dozen countries competing. I'd be very interested to hear from athletes in other regions about other big events you have this year.

As well as being our biggest competition the Worlds is the major focus for development of our sport. It is the one opportunity every two years for the athletes to meet/discuss new ideas and to influence the World Council which meets immediately after the Worlds to consider and implement various rule changes. I will represent you, the athletes at the World Council Meeting so it's crucial that you provide me with input BEFORE the Worlds please (by the end of July) so that I have time to get the relevant topic on the agenda and formulate a position.

Your input/suggestions are welcome on all aspects of the sport. However, there are several topics which I know will be discussed, where your input would be particularly valuable. The obvious topics are:

It's definitely going to be a busy World Council meeting, so if you have any strong views, please do get them to me early.



1997 lends itself to be an exciting year for traditional tournament skiers. A full schedule is slated with the inaugural World Cup series and with the World Championships closing the season in September in Colombia. The Worlds site is great so it should be an exciting tournament.

In addition to providing you an avenue to be heard, we will try to keep you updated on the lastest changes directly affecting you. Here are some of the rules changes for 1997:

Jump Tolerances
1st segment2ndsegment
456.456.566.68 3.173.28 3.39
426.907.03 7.17 3.393.51 3.64
We know there are a lot of hot topics being discussed these days. Some issues include tournaments, speed control, driving, etc. This is your opportunity to have input. To make things easier for us, please direct inquires as follows: As a group we can submit requests for rules changes to the World Council. One thing that has confused the Council in the past is several requests from various athletes concerning the same rules with no consensus. For example, several athletes would suggest different trick point values and requirements for a trick. Consequently, the Council would not take any action on the trick, given no unified proposal. ( The women jumpers unified to petition for 5'6'. The Board responded well and it worked!)

The AC is THE official road to IWSF. We will need to have these written hot topics by July 1 so we may coordinate a great proposal to the IWSF at the September meeting. Please do not put it off. Even if you are not sure exactly what you want, speak up and with help we can achieve what you, the athletes, desire ( within reason of course)!!


No representative appointed yet. Look for this column to be occupied next newsletter.


Hello! Welcome to Racing. Im Debbie Nordblad and Ive been asked to be ski racings representative for the AC to the IWSF. I will do everything I can to make sure any questions, comments or suggestions you have are heard.

You can reach me by FAX: 818-222-4926 or mail: 3875 Elkwood, Newbury Park, CA 91320, USA.

Please have all suggestions for rules changes in writing to me by August 1 in order for me to put the proposal together for the Council meeting.

What to expect in 1997:

The NWSRA has restructured its Board of Directors in an effort to streamline its operations and provide better representation of its members. This year will see our organization concentrating on continuing to increase participation through additional dollars spent on publicity and imporved race locations.

The first race of the USA 1997 season will be at the end of March at Parker, Arizona. The World Championships will be held in Sydney, Australia in October.

A bit about myself, Ive been ski racing since I was 8 years old. Both my daughters Lacey (12) and Mallory (6) race. In order to support our ski racing, I work full time as a dental assistant. Ive been a member of the USA Water Ski Racing Team since 1981 and have competed in every World Championship event since then. I am a 2-time World Champion and have never been out of the top 3 in rankings.

I look forward to representing you - let me hear from you!