To EB Members, to National Federations, to all our Water Ski Friends.
Dear Friends,
I'm delighted to make the following announcement :
At the October 5th Greek Olympic Committee Meeting, they have decided to announce only a new sports in 2004 Olympic Games .
Their decision is :
Water Ski
Our dream for the past 50 years is now even closer to becoming a reality.
This result crowns our President's effort and commitment during these last seven years and fills me with satisfaction for the work executed during this period since Greece was chosen as host country for the 2004 Olympics.
My heart felt thanks to all those who have helped us to achieve this first major goal, particularly to the Greek Federation President, Depy Papadimitriou.
But before giving total vent to our joy, we should wait for some months - which is the time it will take to get the Greek Olympic Committee's decision positively ratified by I.O.C. Executive Board. This should happen before the end of this year.
In order to achieve our final goal, I must remind all of you about two important existing campaigns which we must keep on improving :
  1. Supporting Signatures and Letters Campaign:
As of today, we have more than 25,000 Skier's Signatures and 40 Supporting Letters from National Olympic Committees. This campaign must continue until the day before the I.O.C.'s final decision in order to improve our ratification chances.
  1. Olympic Effort Funding
Last but not the least, our Olympic Fund Collecting Campaign has made some good progress, but since we have collected only 50 % of our requirement, we must now make every effort to get all our supporters to help fund the remaining shortfall.
I am at your total disposal for further information.
Graziano Tognala IWSF Secretary General