Dear President
You have all been informed that the Italian Federation (FISN) accepted a few days ago to stage the 2001 Worlds.
The Italian Federation with the help of the IWSF Headquarters will do its best to organize the Worlds, the Congress for the Federations and the Executive Board & WTC Meetings in less than two months. It will be a real challenge and a struggle against time.
I invite all those who are going to participate to understand that we will work in a situation of emergency but we will do all that is in our power in order to organize a decent championship.
I recommend you again to show all your understanding and to cooperate with the Italian Federation in this critical moment.
After the preliminary meeting I had yesterday with the Italian Federation I would like to anticipate some information that I think will be useful:
1) Site: Recetto  ( see photo )
2) Date: 25-30 September 2001
3) Airport to be used:    Milano Malpensa (do not use other airports)
4) Hotel area: Stresa and surroundings ( Lago Maggiore)
Malpensa Airport is close to the motorway; the distance from the airport to the hotel area near Lago Maggiore is 30 kilometres.
Lago Maggiore is roughly 50 kilometres away from Recetto but this distance is covered by an efficient and fast motorway (see map)
The Italian Federation will organise in the best possible way the transportation from and to the airport and from and to the site but also suggests - for your total freedom of movement - to rent all vehicles you may need at Malpensa airport: you will find there the most important car hire companies.
Please start immediately to book your flights that - I repeat - must be to and from Milano Malpensa, which is the most important international airport in the north of Italy and the nearest one to the hotels and site.
In 7/10 days you will be receiving from the Italian Federation bulletin n1-2-3 in one issue; you will find there all the useful and necessary information: entry form; hotel details; training; programme, etc.
the Italian Federation will not be able to give you any other information BEFORE the issue of the bulletin  therefore it would be useless to press them with questions now.
Anyway please remember that from now on for all questions and queries you should apply to:
Federazione Italiana Sci Nautico
Postal address:     Via G.B. Piranesi 44/b
                               20137 Milano
e-mail address:
Tel.                        +39.02.752.91.81
Fax number             +39.02.761.100.12   
Graziano Tognala
Secretary General
International Water Ski Federation (IWSF)