News about Press Conference of the 2004 IWSF World Cup (Changshu)


The Press Conference for the 2004 IWSF World Cup, Changshu, China was held on the morning of June 15 at the Parliament Hall in Beijing. Mr. Yu Zaiqing, IOC member, Vice President of China NOC, Mr. Xiyouyu, President of the Chinese Water Ski Federation, Ms. Xia Xuezhen, Vice President of IWSF AA Region and CWSA, Ms. Qian Xianghong, Deputy mayor of the Changshu Municipal Government and officials from the Chinese Water Ski Association and the Changshu Stop Organizing Committee, Were present at the meeting. 48 reporters from 39 national and Beijing local media agencies attended the conference. Mr. Liu Jianyong, Secretary General of the CWSA, directed the meeting.


Mr. Yu Zaiqing, Mr. Xi Youyu and Ms. Qian Xianghong made short speeches at the meeting. On behalf of the China NOC, Mr. Yu Zaiqing thanked the Changshu city for its support to the development of water ski in China as well as in the world,. He congratulated the Changshu city for its successful bid for the IWSF world cup, one of the most important events in 2004. And he highly praised the hard work of the city and its people to prepare for the tournament, and he wishes the tournament a great success. Mr. Xi youyu and Ms. Qian Xianghong reported the preparatory work that the organizing committee had done in the past few months, and they both confident that the tournament would be successful, with the help of the IWSF, China NOC, media agencies and people concerned.


Reporters were active. They asked a few questions about the competition and they all showed strong interest in reporting the event.


A short promotional VCD about Changshu and the stop were also played at the meeting.