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WorldSport reports from the 2000 Masters

The Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament, the third stop of this year's Café de Colombia World Cup series on May 26-28, will be given extensive coverage on worldsport.com, the world's most comprehensive Internet sports site and the official site of the International Water Ski Federation (IWSF).

Direct from Robin Lake at Callaway Gardens, Georgia, USA, the WorldSport team of journalists will be posting daily results on the IWSF homepage, www.waterskiing.worldsport.com, in addition to other news, audio bulletins, exclusive interviews and action photos.

The Masters, which first began in 1958, is the longest-running Waterski event in the world, being regarded as the most prestigious tour event in the Waterski calendar. Aside from the Senior World Trophy this year, this 41st resumption of activities at Callaway Gardens is the major Senior event of the year.

By invitation only, everyone who is anyone will be there. The role of honour is led by three skiers who have broken world records in the past three weeks: Toni Neville (jump), Cory Pickos (figures) and Jaret Llewellyn (skiflying and also the 1999 jump world champion). Also invited are the other 1999 world champions: Andy Mapple (slalom), Kristi Overton-Johnson (slalom), Emma Sheers (jump), Patrice Martin (overall), Elena Milakova (overall), and Tawn Hahn (figures). Wakeboard is also well represented with Parks Bonifay and Tara Hamilton returning to defend their Masters' crowns.

Coming Soon

During the Masters, Waterski fans around the world will have access to exclusive interviews with these elite participants. Fans will soon be able to interact live on the Internet with the top names from Waterski, through WorldSport's community feature, ChatZone.

This facility is available only to members of the sporting community who have registered with WorldSport to use such free services as WorldSport Mail, a personalised calendar and ChatZone.

Several Chats with famous skiers are planned, so register now at www.worldsport.com and join the growing community of international sporting enthusiasts.

About the IWSF

The IWSF, International Water Ski Federation, is a member of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). There are around 30 million people in the world today who practise Waterskiing in one of its various forms: Barefoot,Cable and Cable Wakeboard, Disabled, Racing, Tournament and Wakeboard. As a recreational sport it is enjoyed by enthusiasts ranging from 5 to 80 years old, with 50,000 serious Waterski competitors worldwide.

The most important competitions are considered to be: the World Championships, the World Cup, and the Pan American, European, African, Middle-Eastern, Asiatic, and Asian-Australian Championships, as well as the Masters.

About WorldSport

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