To all Federations

Council members

Commission and Committee members

Dear friends

I write to advise that Graziano Tognala has announced his retirement as Executive Director to the

IWSF to be effective from 31 March 2002. Graziano has offered to continue as legal representative for the signatures, etc. of the Bologna Headquarter in order to allow us to remain the office open.

I would like to lead the acknowledgements of the great effort and work he carried out during his years both as Secretary General and Executive Director particularly in setting up our administrative office, in assisting Andres Botero in promoting our sport for the 2004 Olympics and dealing with the World games.

His enthusiasm and drive are well known and many of you will have felt these in the pressure he has put on you to support IWSF policies or arrange World Championships.

I am sure we all wish him well in his retirement knowing he has not finished contributing to our sport.

On administrative matters the office in Bologna will continue but it will be directed primarily by the Bureau and it is our intention that it will go on providing the same services.


Andrea Landau, one of the former assistants of Graziano, has indicated that she would be willing to continue working for us, taking directions from me and I am confident that with her co-operation it can and will work out.

Graziano Tognala I hope will come to our Extraordinary Congress in France in order to be acknowledged.

With best regards


Kuno Ritschard