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Why Water Skiing should be in the Olympics

Water Skiing is a modern sport practiced world-wide with approximately 30 million participants on a recreational basis. Over 75 countries have formal Water Ski Federations organized to have competitions. Our sport offers high energy, high power, and high speed all of which televises well into an exciting presentation. Our athletes are attractive and well conditioned as well as clearly performing athletic moves that require speed, strength, and agility.

Each event in a water ski competition requires different skills. Figure skiing requires speed, grace, and agility. Slalom requires strength, timing, and rhythm. Jump requires power, timing and courage. Each event is unique in its presentation of the athlete's skills. The judging of each event is based on objective, easily understood criteria. In slalom, the score is strictly a count of the buoys that the competitor skies around. In figures, the judges only have to decide if each figure was done or not. The is no type of form subjectivity. In jump, only the distance is measured.

The format of a Water Ski competition lends itself to an Olympic style competition of preliminaries and finals without burdening the event with a huge number of athletes. In the Pan Am Games, the contest was decided with fewer than 50 competitors.

In short, Water Skiing can provide many important attractive attributes to the Summer Olympics. The thrill of a 200+ foot jump with the speed and height of the skier's trajectory is unmatched by any other summer sport on the program. Water Skiing would be a wonderful addition to the program of the Olympic Games.

Entry in to the Olympics

The IWSF is continuing its effort to become a part of the Olympic Program. As we know, we were narrowly passed by for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Our efforts should focus on the 2004 Games.

President Botero continues to be involved in this effort by meeting with IOC members and becoming more involved with the IOC. To add to this effort, every Federation should become closely involved with their National Olympic Committee. If your Federation is not affiliated with the NOC, you must take steps immediately to do so. This is the single most important thing that can be done at the local level to increase the international awareness of the sport of Waterskiing.

At the current moment there are about 40 countries that are affiliated with their NOC's. A list is included at the end of this document. The next decision point for entry in the Olympics is in 1997 or 7 years before the games when the program is declared. As part of this process, we must determine the bidding cities and verify that they would encourage our sport as part of the program.

Please contact President Botero for information in this area.

Direct mail link to Andres Botero

Entry in to Regional Games

Waterskiing has been a participant in several Regional Games. The most recent was the Pan American Games in Argentina. This proved tremendously successful. Several new technologies such as speed control and Video jump distance measurement were used with great success. The tournament proved that Water Skiing was indeed ready and able to participate in an Olympic Games. Currently we are waiting for official confirmation of Water Skiing being on the program of the 1999 Pan American Games in Winipeg, Canada.

Other Regional competitions are planned. I intend to list other Regional Games that Water Skiing has participated in here.

IOC Events and Regional Games that had Water Skiing

Future Events that Water Skiing will participate in

Games that Water Skiing is working toward being included

List of Federations Affiliated with their NOC(1994)

  1. THI Thailand Water Ski Association
  2. MAL The Waterskiers Society of Malaysia
  3. SIN Singapore Water Ski Association
  4. BER Bermuda Water Ski Association
  5. CHI Chile Water Ski Association
  6. CHN Chinese Water Ski Association
  7. BEL Belgian Water Ski Federation
  8. GBR British Water Ski Federation
  9. TPE Chinese Taipei Water Ski Association
  10. CAN Water Ski Canada
  11. AUS Australian Water Ski Federation
  12. SAF South African Water Ski Federation
  13. LUX Union Luxembougease de Ski Nautique
  14. COL Federacion Colombiana de Esqui Nautica
  15. SWE Svenska Vattenskidforbundet
  16. KOR Korean Water Ski Association
  17. ITA Italian Water Ski Federation
  18. GER German Waterski Federation
  19. USA American Water Ski Association
  20. CYP Cyprus Water Ski Federation
  21. TCH Ceskoslovensky svaz vodniho lyzovani
  22. DEN Danish Water Ski Federation
  23. GOR Water Ski Federation of Georgia
  24. NOR Norwegian Water Ski Federation
  25. HGK Hong Kong Waterski Association
  26. MEX Federacion Mexicana De Esqui Acuatico
  27. FRA Federation Francaise de Ski Nautique
  28. ARG Federacion Argentina de Esqui Nautico