Keith St. Onge - USA

St. Onge is once again proving he is the most dominant international force in Barefoot Waterskiing. He turned in another unbelievable performance in 2009, repeating as the World Overall Champion in New Zealand. He once again reset the world trick record, this time at an amazing 11,250 and he retains a stranglehold on the world record in Wake Slalom.

St. Onge also turned in an incredible performance at the World Games in Taiwan helping bring the U.S. team to victory, as well as winning the individual Gold Overall medal on the international stage.

2008 World Championships held in 2009 1st Overall, 1st Slalom. 1st Tricks, 3rd Jump

World Games 2009 - 1st Overall, 1st Slalom. 1st Tricks, 4th Jump

World Ranking not finalised, but anticipated:

1st Overall, 1st Slalom, 1st Trick, 3rd Jump

World Records Currently holds the World Slalom (20.6) and Trick (11,250) records

Confederation Ranking: 1st Overall, 1st Trick, 1st Slalom, 1st Jump

New Personal Bests: 12,650 Tricks, 25.7 Jump (25.8 was back in 1998)

New Skills Learned: The best new skill that he has learned this year, is the ability to combine the most difficult barefoot tricks into a 15 second routine at standards that the world has never witnessed.

Contributions to the sport

Keith travels the world teaching and promoting the sport, yes It Is his business, but he does it with a great personal touch. He is regarded as the best in the world by an over whelming majority of his peers. He has sponsored many tournaments, clinics around the world and is the premier sponsor of the 2010 World Championships.