German Water Ski Federation and Wasserskiverband Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

Adress of the Organising Committee

Alfred Schipner, Fürstenberger Strasse 31, 17258 Feldberg / Germany

Phone:            +49 39831 20592

Fax:                +49 39831 20035

Email:             mail@u21waterskiworlds.com

Homepage:   www.u21waterskiworlds.com

Place of event

Feldberg is approximatly 120 km north-west of Berlin.

Bundesleitsungszentrum “Nord” Feldberger Hütte, 17259 Feldberg

Official training center of the German Water Ski Federation.

Area map

See our official homepage or go to this link:


Provisional Programme

Tuesday, 12th July              Arrival of teams and officials -Accreditation

Wednesday, 13th July        09.00 Accreditation

                                             14.00h Team Captains’ meeting

                                             15.00h Jury meeting

                                             17.00h Opening Ceremony

Thursday 14th July              08.00h Preliminary rounds

Friday, 15th July                  08.00h Preliminary rounds

Saturday, 16th July             08.00h Preliminary rounds tricks

                                             14.30h Finals

Sunday, 17th July                09.00h Finals

                                             15.00h Medals presentation and Water ski show

                                             19.00h Closing Banquet

Monday, 18th July               Departure


A more detailed competition schedule will be published soon on the official homepage.

Intention to compete

The following countries have announced their participation until today: Austria, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, USA


Each Federation shall certify to the Chairman of the World Tournament Council and the organising committee not later than 13th May 2005 its intent to compete. Any Federation not meeting this requirement will not be allowed to compete until they pay a fine of 200 Swiss Francs to the IWSF.


Official entry forms

The official entry forms for teams and individuals are enclosed. This form must be sent to the Chairman of the World Tournament Council, Mr. Bob Corson and to the German Water Ski Federation before July 3, 2005.  For late entries a fine of CHF 10.00 per day and skier as per Rule 2.05 will apply.



Skiers not selected for their national teams may qualify to compete in the U21 World Championships if they are ranked on the IWSF World Rankings List in the top four (4) of those qualified by age in any event including overall. Tournaments held on the weekend of April 30-May 1, 2005 will be included in the Ranking List that covers the period from May 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005. This list will be used for Individual Qualification for the U21 World Championships.


All prices include continental breakfast.


As announced in Bulletin 1 the reservation deadline for the Feldberg accommodations was March 31, 2005. There are still a few rooms available. Otherwise you have to book your rooms at the Hotel Radisson SAS in Neubrandenburg. Deadline for this hotel is May 31. Please mention “Waterski” with your reservation.


Seehotel Feldberg *** in Feldberg ( 29 rooms) – Official hotel - full

Phone +49(0)39831 555  fax +49(0)39831 55600

Cost: Double room EURO 72,-- ,single room  EURO 46,--


Hotel Stieglitzenkrug (***) in Feldberg (21 rooms, 4 bungalows).
Phone +49 (0) 39831 20420, fax +49(0) 39831 20374.

Double room EURO 72.--, single room EURO 70.--.
Bungalow for 4 persons EURO 120.--.


Hotel Zollhaus *** in Feldberg (20 rooms).
Phone +49(0)39831 500, fax +49(0)39831 50222.

Double room EURO 87.--, single room EURO 70.--.

Guesthouse ** in Feldberg

Phone +49(0)39831 500, fax +49(0)39831 50222.

Double room EURO 66.--, single room EURO 40.--.


Youth Hostel   in Feldberg
Phone +49 (0) 39831 20520, fax +49(0) 39831 .

Per person EURO 15.--,


Hotel Radisson SAS  *** Neubrandenburg (120 rooms )This Hotel is 30 km from Feldberg.

Phone +49(0)395 5586621, fax +49(0)395 5586625

Double room EURO 74.--, single room EURO 72.--.

Triple room   EURO  76,--

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are accepted. (No American Express credit cards)

Transport from Berlin

The nearest international airports are Berlin Tegel and Berlin Tempelhof. Transport for teams can be arranged at with a common bus at EUR 30.00 per person. Please use the attached form to request transport. Deadline is June 30.

Rent a Car

All major rental car companies are represented at both airports.

Official towboat

The official towboat will be the BOESCH 560 Competition Skiboat equipped with Perfect Pass.

Official jump measuring system

The BOETTCHER system will be for jumping.

Entry fee

The entry fees are sponsored by BOESCH Motorboat Company on the occasion of the 20th BOESCH CUP.


Please check Visa requirements with the German Embassy in your Country. Should you need assistance please contact us on.

Phone +49(0)395    421 16161

Fax     +49(0)39831 20035

Email:   mail@u21waterskiworlds.com

Antidoping Control

As per IWSF and WADA rules.


Training will be available on the official competition site from July 11 to July 13. The costs are EUR 220,00 per hour. Training times will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 20 minutes per skier or total 150 minutes per Team.


For interested Federations special arrangements for training camps can be made from May 1 until July 9. The following dates are still available: 02.05.-13.05., 23.05.-05.06. and



All trainings must be booked before June 24 through the Organising Committee.

Email: mail@u21waterskiworlds.com


The training booking list will be published in Bulletin 3.



We look forward with great pleasure to welcome you in Germany.