2005 IWSF World Disabled

Water Ski Championships








Schotense Waterski Klub


Schoten, Belgium



September, 8 – 11, 2005


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Intention to Enter Form

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Venue/ Location/Airport/Transportation

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Camping/Car Rental

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Health Certificate Requirement and Visa



Official Tow-Boat/Training Sites



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Dear Federations and Water-skiers,



On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2005 IWSF DISABLED WORLD WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS, we would like to welcome all federations and competitors to 

the Schotense Waterski Klub, in Schoten, Belgium.



The site of the Schotense Waterski Klub has been redesigned to accommodate both the athletes and the spectators, in order to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.



As a host of previous European competitions, our organization takes great pride in our support of the Disabled Water Ski community and in the success of providing these superb athletes with national and international exposure through television, radio and printed press.

The Committee’s goal is to provide the guests with the best facilities and personnel assistance to meet the needs of each team.



The 2005 IWSF DISABLED WORLD WATER SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS will take place from September 8 to September 11 2005.  We are looking forward to your arrival and to witnessing the performances of the very best disabled water skiers in the World.


Yours sincerely,


Dany De Bakker

Chief Competition Organizer

De Neufstraat 3

2100 Deurne





Paul Goossens

Chief Organizing Committee

Ploegsebaan 15

2930 Brasschaat





Dany Debakker

Chief Competition Organizer








The official site for the 2005 IWSF Disabled Water Ski Championships



Phone Paul Goossens: 00 32 472 85 52 42

Phone Dany De Bakker: 00 32 486 29 66 62



Ploegsebaan 15

2930 Brasschaat















September, 8 to 11, 2005


Schotense Waterski Klub, Schoten, Belgium


Intention to enter form



The   ………………………………….Water Ski Federation intends to enter with the following

number of skiers per:
































Team Captain:


Team Coach:


Other team representatives


Address contact person:




State – Country

                          Zip code:   



E mail :



It is most important that you return this form to the CCO office and copy to the COC office listed below  no later than March 15th, 2005.

You will then be sent a complete registration packet.


CCO Office :                                and     COC Office:


Dany De Bakker                                          Paul Goossens                    

De Neufstraat 3                                           Ploegsebaan 15

2100 Deurne                                                2930 Brasschaat

Belgium                                                        Belgium

dany.debakker@belgacom.net               gopa@pandora.be








Venue & Location:


The Schotense Waterski Klub is located in Schoten (Belgium), about 12 km from Antwerp.


Nearest International Airport:


Brussels Airport (Zaventem) is located approximately 50 km from the competition site and the hotels. (See map on http://www.swkwaterski.be)




On prior request of a participating member Federation, the organization will make transport arrangements for competitors between the airport, railway and hotel (both on arrival and departure). The cost of such transport will have to be borne by those who make use of it.




The competitors are responsible for their own accommodation.

Breakfast is included in the price of all the hotels.

There are special prices for this event in the 5 hotels.

When you make your reservation, please ask for the World Disabled Water Ski Championships in Schoten.

All hotels accept Visa and Master Card.

We have an option on the rooms until the 15th of March 2005.


Motel Dennenhof (official hotel)

This hotel is located 6 km from the site. It is a very cosy and comfortable place.

It is also where the final banquet takes place on Sunday the 11th of September.

Price:  single room              65 euro/night

 double room             75 euro/night

Phone: 00 32 3 663 55 11   or email: p.vandenbroek@dennenhof.valk.com


Scandic Hotel

This is again a very good hotel, completely renovated in 2003.

It is 12 km from the site, near the centre off Antwerp

All rooms accessible for wheel-chair users. 

The price:       single room               80 euro/night

double room              80 euro/night

room for three        105 euro/night

room for four           130 euro/night


For reservation only email to: kristel.geubels@scandic-hotels.com

Website:                                 www.scandic-hotels.com/antwerp


Transportation to and from these 2 hotels and the site will be provided.










Other possible hotels:


Hotel Klokkenhof

This authentic hotel is situated 7 km from the site. (400 m from Motel Dennenhof).

Price:  double room             70 euro/night   (2 rooms for wheel-chairs, 10 standard rooms)

             small suite                85 euro/night

             suite                       120 euro/night

Phone: 00 32 3 663 09 27   or email: info@klokkenhof.be


Residence Boshoeve:

It is 8 km from the site and it is a very good family hotel.

Price:  double room              65 euro/night (4 rooms for wheel-chairs and 3 standard rooms)

            room for three           86 euro/night (not for wheel-chairs)

Phone: 00 32 3 313 71 36    or email: residentie.boshoeve@skynet.be


Corinthia Hotel

This four star hotel is situated in the centre of Antwerp, some 14 km from the site.

Price: double room for 9 nights                 88 €/night

            double room for 8 nights                 89 €/night

            double room for 7 nights                 90 €/night


Same prices for single rooms.

All rooms accessible for wheel chair users. 


Phone: 00 32 3 244 82 11  or     http://www.corinthiahotels.com


For booking please contact the hotels.




Limited parking for campers is available in a camping area 2 km from the site.

It is recommended that reservations are made three to four weeks in advance.


For reservation, call or email the organizer:         00 32 472 85 52 42 or email to:



Local Ground Vehicle Rental:




Special conditions for our skiers: 10% discount.

To get this discount, please put the following in your order:

WK Disabled 2005 CDP 608080.


www.hertz.com. or email: SHolsbeek@hertz.com.


For special cars or vans contact ++ 32 2 717 32 01 or mail to beluxresadmin@hertz.com




Contact www.avis.be. No special rates.





Health Certificate Requirements:


Please contact your local consulate.


Visa Requirements:


We are not aware that special visas are required for visitors from any
competing nations, but would strongly recommend that Team Captains
confirm this through their own country's official channels.



Training sites/Official towboat


Before the competition (from August 29 to September 3) we offer the opportunity for your team to train on the official site. (pre homologation)

The reservations for these trainings are on a first come first serve basis. The schedule can be checked on http://www.swkwaterski.be and is kept up to date.

The price for 1 hour is 200 euro.

Training reservation can be done by sending a mail to Paul Goossens, gopa@pandora.be


There is also an alternative training site: VVW Skianne in Antwerp.

This is 18 km from Schoten.

Here, you can do slalom (8 buoys outer course only), Tricks and Jump (min 1,25m)

The price for 1 hour is 200 euro.

Training reservation can be done by sending a mail to marie-anne.persoons@waterski.be



The towboat for training and competition is a Mastercraft Pro Star 190

2004 with Perfect Pass, module 6.4 or higher.


For V1 and V2/V3, we have the Sound Blaster type 2004.


Entry Fee


The entry fee is 200 euro.

Included are: The 1, 2 or 3 events.

                         The lunches on the site from Thursday through Sunday.

                         The banquet on Sunday evening (drinks included, except for spirits.)




Maps of and directions to the Schotense Waterski Klub are available on http://www.swkwaterski.be



Note: This bulletin is available on http://www.swkwaterski.be



We look forward to your arrival and to witnessing the performances of the best disabled water skiers in the world.