BULLETIN 2                                                           2 December 2003




Arrangements for the 2004 - 14th IWSF World Barefoot Water Ski Championships to be held at the Mulwala Water Ski Park – Mulwala, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA are progressing well.


Could all Federations who have not advised their intention to compete, please do so immediately.

To-date we have received notification from the following Federations – USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, France and Australia. Your urgent attention to this request would be appreciated.


Competition Site

Preparation of the site at the Mulwala Ski Park are on track. Start and boat loading docks are being refurbished and site huts ordered for scorers, video room, etc. Two large marquees will be erected to provide shelter from the hot sun. We are also hoping to erect other sunshade areas along the banks.

February is one of the hottest months in this part of Australia, so we strongly recommend that skiers and supporters come prepared with adequate sun hats and protective clothing, together with plenty of sunscreen.


Air Travel Arrangements and Airports

For those wishing to fly to the closest Regional airport, this will be Albury Airport (approx 100km) from Yarrawonga/Mulwala. The airport is serviced by Qantas Link and Rex regional airlines from Sydney Airport and Kendall Airlines from Melbourne International Airport. The nearest International Airport is Melbourne (240km). Approximately 190km of this road to Mulwala is on dual carriage freeway and a very easy drive.


Land Transport

Officials & WBC Delegates – Transport pick up at designated times will be provided from Albury airport only on Sunday and Monday proceeding the Championships and back to Albury airport on the Monday following the Championships. No transport will be provided by the LOC from Melbourne International Airport. Officials and Delegates are required to notify our Transport Coordinator – Kelvin Weston-Green via e-mail – walkwestkg@aol.com or (61) 427 268241, at least two (2) weeks in advance of their arrival date.

Teams will be required to make their own transport arrangements.

Hire Cars – To-date we have been unable to finalise a deal with any hire companies. We are still working on this task and if successful will immediately advise all Federations.


Motel to Site – Regular transport to and from the Mulwala Water Ski Club and the adjacent officials hotel/s to and from the ski site will be provided by the LOC.


The officials hotel/s are the Murray River Motel and Capricorn Motel located in the township of Mulwala approximately 8km from the ski site and within walking distance of the Mulwala Ski Club. Rooms have been booked for officials and WBC delegates. Each Official/WBC Delegate is to advise Brian Price via e-mail – B.J.Price@bigpond.com of their accommodation requirements and arrival and departure dates by 15 December ‘03.

As Yarrawonga/Mulwala is a tourist area, general accommodation is quickly being booked. We strongly recommend that Federations book their accommodation prior to Xmas via the Mulwala-Yarrawonga Tourism office – Ph: 61 (3) 5744 1989 or e-mail – tourism@yarrawongamulwala.com.au or direct with the respective motel via the contact details listed at the bottom of the Bulletin. As a guide, room rates for good quality motel (hotels) accommodation range from A$60 to A$100 per night. Condominiums (2-6 people) at the Lake Edge Resort are approximately A$220 per night.


Catering Arrangements



Full on-site catering offering a variety of meals will be provided at reasonable costs. Officials will be provide lunch free of charge.


Evening Meals

The Mulwala Ski Club and adjacent Services Clubs offer excellent low cots meals. There are also a number of pubs in Yarrawonga/Mulwala offering counter meals and restaurants offering a choice of menus.


Official Tournament Boats

Negotiations are currently being finalised for the appointment of tow boats for the Championships. Every effort is being made to wrap up these negotiations by 8 December ’03 and Federations advised immediately. We apologise for any inconvenience this delay may cause.

We can advise the boats will outboards powered by Mercury 200hp motors. The boats being considered have both been used at Australian National Championships and fully meet the World Rules.


Official Tournament Tow Ropes

The official tow lines will be Spectra lines, the same used for the Snr Mens Jump event finals at the recent 2003 World Championships, which were courtesy of Australia.



Training Venues

Training on the site will be available using the tournament boats. The boats will be hired with a driver at the cost of A$150 per hour including fuel. Reservations will be based on a first come, first serve basis and are to be booked via Gavin Wright – gjwright1@optusnet.com.au or 61 (3) 57624003 A/H.

A number of Federations have already booked time on the site so we would recommend you contact Gavin as soon as possible.


Private training facilities are available as detailed below.

  • Wiseman Ferry Water Sports – tim@aus.com.au Based near Sydney New South Wales

These individuals have offered their facilities as a means of assisting our visitors gain time on the water, as many will be coming from winter in their home countries.



Competition Entry Details

A reminder that ALL team skiers will be required to pay an entry fee of US$200 per skier. This fee will provide free entry to the site, Welcoming Function and Presentation Banquet.

Independent skiers will pay US$120 for a single event, US$160 for two events and US$200 for three events. This fee will provide free entry to the site, Welcoming Function and Presentation Banquet. We will advise payment details in Bulletin No 3.



Skiers not members of the Australian Water Ski Federation will be required to pay a compulsory insurance levy of A$50 which is approximately 33 Euro or US dollars.


Please find attached the Preliminary Entry form, which are required to be sent to the Chairman of WBC, Chairman of your Region Barefoot Council and most importantly the Organizing Committee by 2 January 2004. Refer Rule C405 (b) – IWSF World Barefoot Technical Rules 2001.

Ideally we would appreciate if Federations could fax or e-mail your entries prior to Xmas to Brian Price – B.J.Price@bigpond.com or FAX 61(3) 9420 3764.



A number of functions are being arranged throughout the Championships and will include:

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be held Tuesday evening – 3 February 2004 on the front lawns of the Mulwala Ski Club. Skiers and Officials will enter the area from the lake via boats and be introduced to the public and welcomed by local dignitaries. Due to the likelihood of hot weather we recommend Federations make arrangements to have a casual type uniform for this function – shorts and team T-shirt or polo shirt.


At the conclusion of the opening ceremony a smorgasbord type meal will be provided to all skiers, officials, IWSF & WBC Delegates, VIP’s and supporters who have purchased a Welcoming Dinner ticket. Cost of these tickets will be A$30.


Skiers BBQ

A skiers Aussie BBQ will be held on the Saturday night of the competition. This event will be open for everyone to attend and the cost is a very reasonable A$20 per person and includes a raffle ticket in a $250 - 1st prize draw, with a limit of 100 tickets per draw. Yes, 1 in 100 chance of winning $250.


Awards Ceremony & Banquet

The Awards Ceremony and Banquet will be held at the Mulwala Ski Club on Sunday night. Official uniforms are to be worn by Teams and Officials. A three-course sit down meal will be provided to all skiers, officials, IWSF & WBC Delegates, VIP’s and supporters who have purchased an Awards Banquet ticket. Cost of these tickets will be A$60.

A live band will provide entertainment and enable skiers, officials and guests to party the night away until 1.30am. We look forward to a fantastic closing for the Championships.


Contact Details

The Bulletin will be sent to all IWSF Federations. If desired we can also send copies of official correspondence direct the nominated Barefoot Division contact in the Federation.

Please advise the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee – Brian Price – B.J.Price@bigpond.com the e-mail address of the contact for your Federation. This will allow the efficient distribution of future Bulletins and information to the nominated Barefoot Team representative.


Drug Testing

In accordance with International Water Ski Federation (IWSF) Anti Doping Policy, drug testing may be undertaken by the Australian Sports Drug Agency on any day of the competition.


Visa Entry Requirements

Some countries require a Visa to enter Australia. Please ensure you check immediately with your travel agent or the Australian Embassy in your country to ascertain if you team members and supporters require a travel visa.











Motel/Hotel                                          Phone                           Fax

Murray River Motel                        61 (3) 5744 1245         61 (3) 5743 3241

Lake Edge Resort                           61 (3) 5743 8400         61 (3) 5744 3742

Capricorn Motor Inn                      61 (3) 5744 3813         61 (3) 5744 3816

Yarrawonga Lake Resort Villas      61 (3) 5743 1433         61 (3) 5744 3576

Lakeview Motel                             61 (3) 5744 1555

Ashleigh Court Motor Inn               61 (3) 5744 2261

Central Motor Inn                           61 (3) 5744 3817

Mulwala Paradise Palms Motel       61 (3) 5743 2555