Caroline Jansson



1st Swedish nationals, Höör



1st Worlds, Dallas, USA

4th Europeans, Nottingham, England         

2nd European WB-protour 4:th stop, Stockholm,             Sweden,

1st Swedish nationals, Östersund



3:d Worlds, Orlando, USA

2nd Europeans, France

3rd European WB-protour 3:rd stop, Paris, France

2nd Swedish nationals, Östersund

1st Scandinavian WB-tour 3:rd stop, Karlstad, Sweden



1st Worlds, California, USA

5th Europeans, Karlstad, Sweden

2nd European WB-protour overall  ranking                     

1st Scandinavian championships, Malmö, Sweden

1st Swedish nationals, Jönköping



3rd Worlds, Sun City, South Africa

5th World Games, Akita, Japan

2nd Europeans, Johannesburg, South Africa

3rd European WB-protour overall ranking

1st Swedish nationals, Jönköping



3rd Worlds, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2nd Pro Worlds, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3rd Europeans, Kastoria, Greece

1st European WB-protour overall ranking

3rd Wakestock, Thun, Switzerland

1st Swedish nationals, Tullboden



6th Worlds, Sydney, Australia

2nd Eurtopean WB-protour overall ranking

1st Swedish nationals, Nynäshamn



7th Worlds, Seville, Spain

4th World Cup, Paris, France

2nd European Masters, London, England

4th Europeans, Italy

1st Swedish Nationals, Uddelvalla


During year 2004 I have, apart from being a competing wakeboarder, been one of the main persons behind the creation of a wakeboard committee that operates under the Swedish water-ski federation. The purpose of this committee will be to work with all wakeboard questions and try to increase the sport in Sweden. For instance, we have created a new website where people that are interested in wakeboarding can read about how to organize a competition, what it is like to compete in wakeboarding equipments etc. The committee will also help the federation as much as possible on wakeboard related tasks.


Moreover, I have also been first suppliant in the Swedish water-ski federation board committee.